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An Intuitive and Enjoyable

Great experiences build trust and loyalty.  eGrowcery is focused on providing the most intuitive and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. Simple, intelligent design and shopper-centric features take pride of place in our solution, custom built for the grocery industry. 


Experienced or time-pressed shoppers can checkout quickly with personal shopping lists, one-click reordering, filters and predictive search.  New customers can enjoy browsing feature-rich category and product screens that provide high quality images, product options and ingredients and nutritional information.


Let your Customers shop their way:

  • Browse

  • Search

  • Shopping List

  • Previously Purchased

  • Specials

  • Dietary Requirements


The Omni-Channel Experience
Convenience Without Limits.

Make sure you are open for business regardless of how your customers want to shop. Our eGrowcery solution provides a seamless user experience on desktop, tablet and mobile, allowing shoppers to progressively build their cart or shopping list over time and across devices.  


Whether they are at their work desktop, out and about on their mobile, or using their tablet in bed, shoppers can continue their order, add to their shopping list, review a past order or check the status of a current order through a single consistent user interface.

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Integration With POS made easy
Your Data, 
Your Way.

High quality data and images are the secret to online success.  Our modern and intuitive Administration Console makes maintaining your data and images a breeze.

With a comprehensive in-house database and partnerships with industry-leading CPG providers, eGrowcery can deliver a rich, visual digital catalog, allowing shoppers to see what they are buying and locate their favorite products quickly and easily.  

Store Management
You're in Control.

We live and breathe grocery, and are proud to service the industry with an end-to-end solution that moves stores into the digital fast lane. 

Our eGrowcery solution is designed to complement your existing infrastructure, integrating with POS and back office systems to provide automated data management, payments, fulfillment support and analytics.

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Store Configuration.
Admin Console.png

Configure your online store to suit the needs of your business and your customers with our flexible store management system:

  • Delivery and Click & Collect

  • Time slot calendar

  • Configurable payment types

  • Product sort types

  • Online specials

  • BOGOs (2-for-1) and other group product promotions

  • Product options to allow customers to select the ripeness of their fruit or the thickness of their sliced meats

Store Presentation.

Your brand is invaluable, so take it with you online.


Our white label solution can be extensively customized on the eGrowcery Administration Console, which supports color selection, logos, banners, information pages and branded emails.

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Fulfillment in
The Fast Lane.

Paper checklists and manual scanning are things of the past.   Revolutionize your fulfillment efficiency with our market-leading Picking App.

  • Automated price handling

  • Substitution and adjustment support

  • Payment integration

  • Back office integration for order reporting and transaction reconciliation

  • Picking routes

  • Integrated handheld barcode scanner

  • Variable weight and price barcode support

  • Support for selling products by unit or by weight

  • Support for "count and weigh" pricing, where customers purchase products per unit and pay for actual picked weight

  • Distributed picking to efficiently prepare deli and other counter orders

  • Offline mode

Enhance Your Business With

The Market Leaders.

We understand the unique nature of the industry and how grocery shopping habits differ from all other forms of retail.
The typical family food basket is a regular, high value and high repetition transaction.  Rather than dwell on color, shape or feature set, grocery shoppers want convenience and speed. Personalization and outstanding user experiences fuel the size and frequency of online carts, and they foster customer loyalty in a saturated landscape.

With a dedicated Product Management team, eGrowcery is constantly working to expand
your reach and innovate your digital presence.

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