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Garnishing Meals

Prepared Foods & Catering

Expand your digital sales beyond center aisle grocery with eGrowcery’s Prepared Foods & Catering offering! Through the eGrowcery platform, retailers may:

  • Offer shoppers “One Login” for Grocery, Prepared Foods, Catering, etc OR employ Prepared Foods and Catering as stand-alone offerings

  • Seamless integration with your POS

  • Personalize add-on items

  • Personalize product "Upselling”

  • Personalize fulfillment lead time, throughout controls and scheduling

  • Track and measure on time rates 

  • Real-time communication with your shoppers on any modifications to ensure a memorable experience


Offering Prepared Foods & Catering is extremely important when creating a complete eCommerce experience:


  • Prepared Foods & Catering increases online sales by +26% on average

  • For retailers on eCommerce - Typically $0 Set Up Fees and $0 license fees. Simply pay as you grow!

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