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eGrowcery Enables Retailers to Own their eCommerce Technology

eGrowcery is helping supermarket operators and other retailers take control of their digital future with its newest option. In addition to providing a full SaaS platform, eGrowcery is offering BOLT (Build, Operate, Lease, Transfer) as a strategic option that gives retailers the opportunity to purchase their entire eCommerce ecosystem in the future, all while operating and growing their technology in the short-term.

“We have heard from numerous retailers, that they are making significant investments in their eCommerce technology over the next several years. While many retailers still prefer traditional SaaS pricing models, others are interested in building or buying their own platform,” said Patrick Hughes, CEO of eGrowcery. “We have listened to the market and created a faster path for those retailers seeking to save time and money buying versus building their technology in house.”


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