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Greetings from eGrowcery

Welcome to the inaugural blog posting from eGrowcery!

This all new blog is designed to keep you up-to-date on developments at both eGrowcery and the industry we serve. We believe that world class partner relationships can be characterized by robust and open communication. So in addition to our other forms of outreach, expect to see new blogs from us on a regular basis.

For this initial blog, we want to feature our recent announcement with DoorDash, which will make the digital offerings from our retailer partners much more vibrant and comprehensive.

eGrowcery is joining with DoorDash to provide supermarkets with access to an expansive delivery fleet and a flexible delivery solution directly from the eCommerce experience. With the new DoorDash Drive integration, eGrowcery retailer partners can benefit from the scale of DoorDash’s logistics network, while retaining full autonomy around the eCommerce experience and, critically, owning their own shopper data.

eGrowcery sees a growing number of retailers working to establish their own branded eCommerce experience. Unlike marketplaces that own the shopper data and allow for products and promotions from competing retailers, the eGrowcery solution puts total control and data ownership back in the hands of the retailer.

DoorDash gives eGrowcery the ability to offer retail customers a turn-key solution to help them address their local commerce needs. The combination of eGrowcery’s intuitive shopping experience and fully-integrated fulfillment process with DoorDash’s scale and convenience is very compelling. All of these benefits and retailers maintain a direct connection with shoppers through their own branded app, enabling them to profitably grow their business.

The sales and leadership team at eGrowcery are available to walk retailers through the new relationship and share how it can help retailers build a better digital connection with their shoppers. Contact us here for more information.

We hope you find this content beneficial. Next time, we’ll visit how SNAP is being incorporated into the eGrowcery platform.


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